Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Rf3 Restorer fertility for T.timopheevii cytoplasm 1B,1BS[1870] R-18,R-9034,T.spelta var.duhamelianum[1870]
Rht15 Reduced height. GA-sensitive T.durum: Durox[3599]
a-Amy-Agi2 a-amylase 7Agi[3599] Ag. intermedium[3599]. ADL: Vilmorin-27/AG.IN[1870]
Lr28 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 4AL=T4AS.4AL-7S#2S[1870] T.speltoides[1484]. RL-6079[1484]
Sr7 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 4A,4AL[1484][1870]
Ep-D1d Endopeptidase 7DL[1870] Wheats with Lr19[1870]
kr3 Crossability with Rye and Hordeum spp. 5D[3599] J-11(kr1,kr2,kr3,kr4)[3599].
V1 Virescent 3BS[3599] Chinese Spring[3599].
Sgp-A1c Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] Hua-Non-9[1870]
Est-H5 Esterase EST-5 3H[3599] Hordeum[3599] ADL: CS/Betzes[1870]
Gb4 Reaction to Schizaphis graminum Rond.(Toxoptera graminum Rond.) 7DL[3599] Gb3[3599] Tr.taushii[2779]. CI-17959[1870].
Hk-E2 Hexokinase 3ES[3599] E. elongata[3599]. ADL: CS/E.elongata[1870]
Pgm-Hch1 Phosphoglucomutase 4Hch[3599] H. chilense[3599]. ADL: MA/H.chilense[1870]
hg1 Hairy glume 1A,1AS[3599] Gli-A1o(0.3-2.2%),Rg3(close)[1723] Ulyanovka, Pionerskaya[1285].
LrVPM Temporarily designated gene for resistance to leaf rust 7DL[1484][1870]
Dn4 Resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Reaction to Diuraphis noxia) 1DL[1870] S.cereale[2779]. CO-80523(PI-372129),Corwa-1,CI-2401,PI-151918,Ankor,Yumar[3599]
Pm13 Reaction to Erysiphe graminis DC. 3B,3D[1870] T.longissimum[3599] R1A,R1B,R4A,R6A,R2A,R2B,R1D[3599].
Sst Solid stem 3B[1298]
Rc Red/purple coleoptile
Rkn Reaction to Meloidogyne spp.(resistance to root rot nematode) Ae.squarosa[1870] G-3489,Prosquare[1870]