Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Lr28 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 4AL=T4AS.4AL-7S#2S[1870] T.speltoides[1484]. RL-6079[1484]
Sr7 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 4A,4AL[1484][1870]
Glu-D3 Glutenin 1DS[3599]
SrCharter Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. T. aestivum cv. CHARTER[1484].
Ep-B1a Endopeptidase 7BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
SrMcN Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. McNair 701[1484].
LrVPM Temporarily designated gene for resistance to leaf rust 7DL[1484][1870]
Got-A1 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 6AS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Rht12 Reduced height. GA-sensitive 5AL[3599] b-Amy-A1[3599] Cv:Karcagi 522M7K[3599].
a-Amy-Agi2 a-amylase 7Agi[3599] Ag. intermedium[3599]. ADL: Vilmorin-27/AG.IN[1870]
ty Turnet yellow
Amp-D1 Aminopeptidase 6DS[3599]
Sr23 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 2BS[1484];4B,2BS[3599] Lr16(close)[1484]. Exchange,Warden,Etoile de Choisy(Sr29)[1870]
H17 Reaction to Mayetiola destructor (Say) 5A[3599] Tetraploid: PI-428435[1870]
Hk-B1 Hexokinase 1BS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Hd Hooded (awns) 4AS[3599] Sr7a(close)[1298] Chinese Spring(Hd,B2)[3599];NIL(Hd):S-615*11/Chinese Spring[3599].
Gli-A2(d) Gliadin 6AS[3599]
Nor-S1 Nucleolus organizer regions 1SS[3599] Ae. speltoides[3599].
Sr4 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. Marquillo[1870]
Dn4 Resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Reaction to Diuraphis noxia) 1DL[1870] S.cereale[2779]. CO-80523(PI-372129),Corwa-1,CI-2401,PI-151918,Ankor,Yumar[3599]