Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Got-A3 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 3AL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Aco-B1a Aconitase 6BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-B1 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 6BS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-B2 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 6BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-B3 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 3BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-D1 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 6DS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-D2 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 6DL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Got-D3 Glutamite oxaloacetate transaminase 3DL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Aco-D1 Aconitase 6DL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Ep-B1a Endopeptidase 7BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Aco-D2 Aconitase 4DL[1870] Chinese Spring[1870]
Lr5 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. Waban(CI-12992)=Purdue Selection 3369-61-1-10[3599].
Pc1 Pc[3599] Purple/red culm/straw/stem 7BS[3599] SUL:Chinese Spring*6/(7B)Hope,LD-222*44/CS(Hope 7B)[3599].
Mld Temporarily designated gene for resistance to Blumeria graminis 4B[3599] Halle-13471(Pm2),H-8810-47(Pm2),Maris-Dove(Pm2)[3599]
Dn2 Resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Reaction to Diuraphis noxia) 7DL,7DS[3599] SA-2199(PI-262660) from USSR[1739]; NIL:Betta-Dn2,Karee-Dn2,Tugela-Dn2[3599]
Lr4 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. Waban(CI-12992)=Purdue Selection 3369-61-1-10[3599].
Ra1 Ra[3599] Purple/Red auricles 2D[3599];1D[3599] Red-Egyptian,Mokhtar,Kenya-58,Kharkov-MC-22,Fleche-d-or,Rouvillers[1746];
Ha Grain hardness (soft phenotype) 5DS[3599] CV:Chinese Spring(Ha), Cappelle Desprez(Ha), Heron(Ha)[3599].
Hg Hairy glume 1AS[3599] CV: Indian,Jones Fife,Prelude,Golden Ball,lines TR.MO[3599].
Yr12 R12[1870] Reaction to Puccinia striiformis Westend. Resistance to stripe rust Fleurus,Frontier,Mega(Yr3a,Yr4a),Pride[1870]